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So go on, treat yourself!


Please give as much information as possible in our form below. Details such as the number of guests the cake needs to serve, the date it’s needed, flavours, colours and other customisation will help me to bring your ideas to life. Please feel free to browse our cake selection on this website and on Facebook for inspiration or any pictures you've seen of a similar cake design will help immensely too! You're welcome to send them over via email, once we're in contact.

Please place your order as far in advance as you can, and I’d suggest 2 - 3 weeks is the minimum, or we might not always have the time to create the design you have in mind.

If you’ve never ordered a cake before, you might have no idea how much it will cost, but please don't look at supermarket cakes as a benchmark. They’re mass produced and nothing like the quality of a hand crafted custom cake. I will be very happy to provide a quote for you but if you do have a budget, please do let me know straight away, so that we can discuss.

Please make sure you have read and agreed to our

Terms & Conditions, before ordering.

Most of all, thank you so much for your enquiry to

Let Them Eat Cake! We appreciate it!

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