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Nicola Dowling

Nicola Dowling, Owner

Having been a full-time mum, I had always enjoyed baking for my family, a craft that I was taught by my mother. As my children grew, I began introducing a variety of cakes as an alternative to shop bought sweets and mass produced confectionary and these went down a treat.

Buoyed by their enthusiasm, I began to experiment with different combinations of ingredients and flavours and I’m happy to say that the majority of these were equally well received. With my children’s friends often coming to tea, word began to spread amongst the school mums and soon I was being asked to bake for them. With my youngest having started pre-school and my mind turned towards restarting a career, I decided to take the next step and bring my cakes to you.

Let Them Eat Cake - Established September 2010

So go on, treat yourself!

"I ordered a birthday cake for 60, for my daughter's 18th birthday to share with her school friends. It was delicious! Easily big enough, beautifully decorated and delivered right on time.


Excellent service and I'm a very satisfied customer."


"I needed to let you know that I have never tasted better cupcakes than the ones I bought from you today.

I am normally very sceptical about any bought cake products since they often only look good, but yours were truly outstanding and devoured by my family instantly.


If I ever need anything I'll definitely come back to you!"

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